What is dryness? Cutting is a low-calorie diet that reduces as much fat as possible while preserving as much muscle mass as possible. What is dryness? You’ve probably heard of it at the gym. But what does that mean? The cut is the decrease in the percentage of body fat by following a strict diet … Read more

Evening cravings: what to eat before going to bed?

Choose the right night time snacks Having cravings is not inevitable. But properly identifying them helps to avoid them. Indeed, when you are suddenly hungry in the evening, you often fill it with chocolate, sweets or salty aperitif cakes, rarely with carrot sticks without sauce! If we can’t help it, we can prefer snacks that … Read more

10 protein-rich vegetables to eat regularly

Are vegetables super foods? Not that much in reality, sometimes you have to be wary of certain vegetables. Are they high in protein? Not all ! Vegetables often have a protein content of less than 2g per 100g. But some contain more! In addition, they have many other advantages! For a real alternative to meat, … Read more

10 great detox tips

1. Water is life A normally constituted person should absorb on average about 1.5 liters of liquid per day. In fact, to function properly, the body needs a daily supply of water. During a detox cure, it is strongly advised to consume well over 1.5 liters (3 liters for example). Indeed, water is an essential … Read more

10 foods that make your belly fat

1. Stop the ugly belly! If women appreciate men with a small belly, one thing is certain: the brioche, they prefer it dipped in their coffee with milk in the morning than firmly installed around their waist! It’s true that sporting a very small bidou is cute, but when it goes from “bidou” to “big … Read more