10 great detox tips

1. Water is life

A normally constituted person should absorb on average about 1.5 liters of liquid per day. In fact, to function properly, the body needs a daily supply of water. During a detox cure, it is strongly advised to consume well over 1.5 liters (3 liters for example).

Indeed, water is an essential element to promote exchanges within the body, as well as the elimination of renal toxins. The principle of these detox days is to drink large quantities of water, which will reduce the density of your urine (they will become very clear).

Among the drinks that you can consume are: plain water, herbal teas, fresh vegetable juice cut in water, green tea…

2. The importance of fasting

Fasting has its own objective: to purify the organism and have a healthy body. In principle, we generally opt for a fast lasting 15 hours, which allows the entire digestive system to rest.

You can practice fasting one day before the weekend for example, this will allow you to be quiet. For dinner on Friday, eat light (a soup for example) then nothing after 9 p.m. On Saturday, drink only water, herbal tea or green tea until lunch.

3. I take care of my liver

No more fat like deli meats, mayonnaise and other fatty and sugary foods. Your new detox partner has changed! From now on raw vegetables, steamed vegetables that you can accompany with a drizzle of olive oil, and fruits (cooked in particular), are your best friends.

It is also important to stock up on antioxidants that will neutralize free radicals and thus fight against premature aging of the various organs. Diets rich in fiber help stimulate intestinal transit. As for fruits and vegetables, they promote the growth of the intestinal flora.

4. The importance of proper cooking

Choose steamed, en papillote and stewed! Say goodbye to high-temperature cooking (barbecue, frying, oven gratins) which promote the formation of highly toxic compounds. As for cooking in water, be careful, it causes a loss of vitamins and minerals.

We prefer raw fruits and vegetables. Indeed, they contain more antioxidant vitamins and enzymes that will allow you to digest well. However, this is not a reason to eat all raw vegetables, at the risk of irritating our little bellies.

5. I eat the right foods

nuts every day

It is the assurance of a supply of Omega 3, these essential fats which have an interest in detoxification since they neutralize the inflammation which generates toxic compounds. Vary the pleasures by consuming nuts five times a day, to enhance salads, cereals, compotes or fruit salads. Chia and flax seeds are also excellent nutrients.

Yes to fish!

It is advisable to eat fish twice a week.. White, it is lean and therefore ultra-digestible (unless you fry it!). Blue, it is greasy, but it provides anti-inflammatory Omega 3 which relieves the liver and intestines irritated by toxins. We will limit predatory fish, likely to carry pollutants (methylmercury, dioxins, etc.): instead of tuna and salmon, we will prefer mackerel and sardines.

I take probiotics

These micro-organisms rebalance the intestinal flora. There are some in yogurts and even better, in bifidus fermented milks.

A gluten-free break

Without being really allergic, some people do not tolerate gluten well because it attacks their intestinal mucosa and generates toxic inflammation. During the detox, we moderate the wheat and give more space to corn, millet, quinoa and rice. Afterwards, we gradually reintroduce the baguette, pasta and semolina but we monitor its tolerance.

6. Say goodbye to bad sugars

Not only does sugar make you fat, but it tires the liver and accelerates the withering of the skin. By rapidly raising blood sugar, it gives a boost, but then you find yourself just as tired as before. It’s a very addictive ingredient, due to the comforting feeling it provides, but it lets out the “good” nutrients.

Avoid: juices made from concentrate, white sugar, cakes and sweets, ingredients that end in “ose”. To be preferred: honey, brown rice syrup, molasses and maple syrup. As for fruit, buy it in season and limit yourself to one or two servings a day.

7. No more drunken evenings

During a detox cure, alcohol is one of our body’s worst enemies. We all know the devastating effects that excess alcoholic beverages can have on our health. In general, alcohol consumption increases the amount of free radicals in the body, which, although necessary for the proper functioning of our body, in excess causes accelerated aging of our cells. In addition, alcohol has the effect of wearing out the liver, which is one of the main organs for eliminating toxins present in our body.

8. When should you embark on a detox cure?

The period when you start your detox cure is extremely important, so you have to choose your moment carefully before starting a new cure. Thus, during periods like early spring or summer, our needs are greater than in autumn or winter. In addition, this will allow you to favor light foods: it is therefore the most suitable period for detoxification.

Knowing that there is a risk of being quite tired because of the changes you are imposing on your body, the ideal is to schedule your cure over a period of rest such as long weekends or holidays. The more you avoid periods when you are subjected to significant exertion of any type, the better your cure will be.

9. Take the opportunity to quit smoking

A detox cure is pointless if you continue to smoke like a firefighter. So take advantage of this detox cure to say stop smoking during the cure (or see it permanently).

Indeed, because of its components and the effects of combustion, the cigarette produces about 4,000 types of gas or particles with each puff, most of them extremely harmful. A smoker absorbs an impressive quantity of various poisons (lead, arsenic or cyanide). He also inhales carbon monoxide, depriving his body of the most important gas, oxygen.

10. I practice a sports activity

Sport is the ideal complement to any detox cure. It is the only one to stimulate all the waste processing factories in our body (intestinal, kidneys, skin, lungs and liver). Doing a jogging or cycling session every three days from the 4th day, for 30 to 45 minutes, is to treat yourself to a great internal cleansing session.

And that’s not all: as soon as you increase the duration of aerobic efforts (in oxygen balance), energy expenditure increases, promoting weight loss and improving the efficiency of the cardiovascular system. For the more courageous, and for an optimum result, we will add a weight training session once a week, taking care to work each time all the muscle groups with synthetic exercises, which increase the secretions of testosterone and hormone of growth. They promote the development of muscle tissue at the expense of adipose tissue.

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